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About Us

  • Every user should love your software. IdentityMine produces highly functional, innovative, and effective user experiences.

  • UX, UI, Gesture, Experiential Retail Marketing and more. IdentityMine crafts intuitive, meaningful, and memorable user experiences to connect audiences and business via technology. We solve real world business challenges with powerful technology.

  • Specializing in Microsoft Technologies
    • HTML5/JavaScript/CSS
    • WinJS
    • C#
    • XAML
    • TypeScript
    • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
  • Company Overview

    IdentityMine is an expert interactive and user experience company with a passion for natural user interfaces (NUI). We blend leading-edge design with top-notch expertise for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Surface Hub, Xbox One, Xbox 360, HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, SmartGlass, Kinect for Windows, DirectX, Unity 3D, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), HTML5 Web, Xamarin, iOS, Android, Azure and more.

  • Philosophy

    We make advanced software applications and user experiences that make an impact. We're smart, creative and up for any challenge you can throw our way. Our team of software developers, user experience designers, project managers, integrators, and visionaries are on a mission - to make every digital experience a powerful one. Want to join us?

  • Careers

    Are you creative, focused, digitally savvy, innovative and thoroughly skilled in advanced technologies? We're always looking for seasoned and savvy UX professionals to work in each of our offices. Not a designer/developer? That's okay - we may have the perfect fit for you too.

    Open Positions

Executive Leadership

  • Mark Brown


    Mark is one of the original founders of IdentityMine. Prior to co-founding IdentityMine, Mark was a Senior Solutions Architect for Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc. (now The Attachmate Group). In that role he successfully led and managed application delivery teams for several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Russell Investment Group.

    As CEO, Mark oversees all areas of IdentityMine's operational planning, vision and execution. Mark has been instrumental in leading and growing the UX design and engineering organization, fostering innovation and creation of IdentityMine's impressive IP portfolio, and delivering numerous software solutions across multiple industry segments. In addition, he has served in a business development role, having been responsible for helping expand the company's worldwide operations and client portfolio. In addition, Mark has a key role in managing IdentityMine's strategic business and technology initiatives, as well as many of its partner and agency relationships.

    Mark has a significant breadth of experience in information technology, application software architecture and development, user interface design and UX consulting. For over 25 years he has experienced nearly every role within the software application delivery process.

    Mark continues to specialize in software application design and development, with an emphasis on user-experience innovation for the Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Kinect for Windows, Xbox LIVE, Xamarin, iOS and Android platforms. Mark has been a regular contributor for articles that have appeared in MSDN Developers Magazine and PowerBuilder Developer's Journal.

  • Bruce Slywka

    Chief Revenue Officer

    As Chief Revenue Officer for IdentityMine, Bruce oversees all aspects of the company's sales, marketing and project management functions. Bruce draws upon his extensive knowledge and experience in advanced interactive and mobile application technology, and has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Samsung, AT&T, Best Buy, Wal*Mart and ESPN (to name a few). Bruce's career highlights include serving in senior sales management roles at Knowledge Adventure, Vivendi Universal, and Broderbund Software, Inc., a division of Mattel, Inc. At Vivendi Universal, Bruce led the retail sales efforts for Blizzard Entertainment and Sierra Online while overseeing $240MM in annual revenue.

    Bruce's passion for software began when he was first presented with a Mac 128K back in 1984, and now he's at home working with software developers and CMOs alike on everything from multi-touch user experiences to experiential retail marketing and mobile applications.

  • David Meunier

    SVP, Finance & Operations

    David has over two decades of technology and business management experience. From 1993 to 1999, he was CEO and Chief Software Architect of CaduSys Software, a Health Care Information Technology Company, providing services and software for a distinguished client list including the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, HealthSouth, University of Washington and Columbia Medical.

    As CEO, David played a key role in growing the business by increasing revenues by over 45%, and managing its strategic partner alliances.

    While Chief Software Architect at CaduSys Software, he was directly responsible for creating original design specifications, managing development teams and participating in the software engineering process of CaduSys Medical Record, a multi-tiered commercial Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) used in over 400 clinical locations.

    In 1998 CaduSys Software merged with Global Digital Information Systems and went public in 1999. While with Global Digital Information Systems, David served as Chief Software Architect until 2000. In 2001 David became co-founder and SVP of Finance & Operations at IdentityMine, Inc.

  • Jobi Joy

    VP, Engineering

    Jobi Joy oversees and leads the engineering team and technology programs at IdentityMine. Jobi joined IdentityMine in 2006 as a Technical Architect and has been instrumental in the company's growth. As VP of Engineering, Jobi ensures that IdentityMine remains competitive and relevant in the field of UX software engineering and consulting by employing industry best practices and staying current with UX technology trends. With 15 years of experience in the planning and execution of technology solutions, Jobi demonstrates cross functional leadership from supporting the presales process, project planning, prioritizing engineering objectives of the company and recruiting top level talent.

    Jobi also has extensive experience in leading the architecture and development of cutting edge applications in Windows 8, Windows Phone , Xbox 360/One, Kinect for Windows and other Multi-Touch technologies along with Kiosk applications, TV applications and 10 foot interactive experience development. He is a technical blogger and expert level contributor to the Microsoft programming community sites and Q&A Forums.

    Jobi believes the path to excellence is the people you work with and as such, he strives to inspire others.

  • Kurian George

    Kurian George

    VP, Finance & Operations, India

    Kurian joined IdentityMine in 2002 as a consultant taking responsibility to setup its offshore software development center in Kochi, India. In his role as its Managing Director, he is currently responsible for managing and overseeing all operations aspects of IdentityMine's India office.

    Kurian has an engineering degree in Electronics & Communication. He started his career as a software developer in 1992. Since then, for over 22 years (6 years in the United States), he has experienced various roles in conceptualizing, designing, architecting, developing and managing software applications for overseas clients like Microsoft, Reader's Digest, Oppenheimer Funds, World Vision, Value Rent-A-Car, Ceridian Corp, and several others. His extensive work experience with diverse set of cultures has given him invaluable knowledge in outsourcing projects.

Client Services

  • Javier Roca Garcia

    Creative Director

    Javier brings IdentityMine deep and broad creative design expertise, from ground-breaking UX design in client and Web-based applications development to high-end strategic brand thinking and visual design. In his two decades as a creative designer, Javier has worked with leading graphics, software and creative companies in the U.S., including Microsoft, Adobe, Frog Design and Metacreations.

  • Hariprashanth M G

    Principal Consultant, UX Design

    Hari joined IdentityMine's UX Design team in 2007 and has more than 15 years of experience in UX. He is a class apart with his creative skills and leads the design team at IdentityMine's India Office. One of the first XAML designers in India, Hari holds the unique profile as a Design-Integrator.

    His expertise spreads across various platforms such as WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8, PixelSense, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. He is a pioneer in ideation, directing the design process, liaisons with teams at different geographic locations and works closely with the development team to ensure visual excellence.

    Hari is also a passionate biker and a wildlife photography enthusiast.

  • Laurent Bugnion

    Senior Director, Europe

    Laurent is a Senior Director for the IdentityMine Europe office based in Zurich, Switzerland. He joined in 2008 as the first employee for IdentityMine's European office. As an integrator, Laurent collaborates on the user experience with the design team. He also loves to spend his time deep in code. Laurent supports clients in pre-sales calls, estimating efforts, on-site meetings, as well as providing training.

    Laurent is the author of the popular MVVM Light Toolkit. Working closely with Microsoft, Laurent has been a Most Valuable Professional since 2007 and a Regional Director since 2013. He is a member of various insider groups, article writer and conference speaker. He was awarded the "Silverlight MVP of the year" in 2010 and "Client Dev MVP of the year" in 2014. He is recognized as one of the most prominent experts worldwide for XAML, Blend and the MVVM pattern. Laurent is a frequent conference speaker and was invited to speak at large conferences such as MIX in Las Vegas (2009, 2010, 2011), TechEd Europe (2010), multiple TechDays and other local conferences in the USA and in Europe.

    In October 2010, he authored "Silverlight 4 Unleashed," available on In October 2008, he published "Silverlight 2 Unleashed," a complete tutorial about the technology, filled with code samples and full color illustrations. He is also a Pluralsight video training author.

    Previously, Laurent worked at Siemens, where he introduced WPF and other .NET 3.5 technologies worldwide. His specific duties included application development, training and coaching colleagues, coordinating and integrating graphic design elements and building relationships with Microsoft. Prior to that, Laurent wrote embedded C/C++, then moved to desktop computers in Java, JavaScript and eventually .NET (desktop and ASP.NET).

    Laurent codes in XAML/C# for all supported platforms, Xamarin (Android and iOS), ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, etc. You can read his online contributions on and

  • René Schulte

    Director, Immersive Experiences

    René is a Senior Developer based in Dresden, Germany. He leads development teams across the globe to ensure client needs are aligned visually and technically. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and also holds the distinction of being a Nokia Developer Champion. In his blog, he discusses a variety of topics including Windows development. Additionally, Rene is an active speaker at events such as //build. He also creates and maintains several popular open source libraries such as WriteableBitmapEx or the Augmented Reality library SLARToolKit.

  • Ragunathan Nagarajan

    Director, Engineering

    Ragunathan joined IdentityMine in 2003 as a senior developer in India. Since then, he has played a key role with his commitment, talent and passion and now leads our India's office development team. As Director, Engineering, he manages all facets of application development including: team management, technical guidance, development planning, tracking deliverables, ensuring best practices, architectural decisions, pre-sales and resourcing.

    He has a Master's degree in Computer Applications and has more than 14 years of experience in the industry. He is an expert in architecting, designing and developing applications in Microsoft technologies. In the past, he has worked with corporations such as Verizon and UST Global.

    Technology is his passion; he loves learning new technologies and challenges himself to be on top of cutting edge technologies. With his extensive experience, he is a specialist in developing applications for WPF, XAML, HTML5, JavaScript, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Kinect for Windows, WCF, ASP.NET, SQL Server and more.

  • Andrea Vodegel

    Director, Project Services

    As a Senior UX Producer, Andrea's goal within the Client Services team is to act as a partner and ensure the best experience possible for IdentityMine clients. She is a seasoned agency-side UX Producer, managing client relationships and delivering projects. Andrea has overseen the delivery of mobile products across various platforms including Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Mobile Web. She is a native Seattleite and enjoys the outdoors. In her free time, you can find her playing flag football, going to the beach, taking her dog on a hike, or spending quality time with her family.

  • Rod Shelton

    Senior UX Producer

    Rod is a Senior UX Producer at IdentityMine responsible for managing the day-to-day flow of projects and ensuring a client's needs are translated into our team's deliverables. He is a multi-disciplinary producer with over 20 years of experience managing content production and creative services for notable clients from telecommunications to television. Prior to joining IdentityMine, Rod led digital and interactive production teams in the advertising and gaming industries. He's also an avid outdoor enthusiast and can often be found hiking the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Scott Rupert

    Director, Business Development

    Scott is a Senior Business Development Manager with over 10 years of experience in sales and business development. During his tenure at DocuSign and UIEvolution, Scott led the sales efforts with AT&T, Verizon and Fox Sports. He is responsible for new business opportunities and client services throughout the project lifecycle. Scott also places an emphasis on supporting his clients' strategic roadmaps ensuring innovation remains a component of future objectives.

  • Kim Logan

    Senior Account Manager

    As a Senior Account Manager at IdentityMine, Kim is responsible for guaranteeing that they have a continuous and smooth experience from pre-sales to project completion. Building and maintaining partnerships is a focal point for her. With a strong background in marketing communications and project management, she brings over eight years of experience to IdentityMine. During her previous tenure at Philips and UpTop, she led project teams in the interactive and design space. She loves to manage research and development projects, experimental marketing and large scale business critical applications.

  • Jim Mangaly

    Principal Consultant, UX Development

    Jim joined IdentityMine in 2003 and started working with XAML related technologies from the early WPF "Avalon" days. Over the years, he has had extensive experience working with WPF, Silverlight, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox LIVE. He has spoken at various technical events and has helped several clients adopt these technologies.

    In his role as Technical Manager, Jim works closely with an ever growing team of technical leads and developers, providing mentoring and technical guidance on the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies. He also supports pre-sales efforts by recommending technologies and supporting the estimation process. Jim oversees training needs of the India office and helps ensure that we recruit only the very best in the industry. Jim holds an engineering degree in Electronics & Communication.

  • Liby Simanthy

    QA Manager

    As a QA Manager, Liby leads the Quality Assurance team, ensuring the integrity of the applications developed by IdentityMine. Having worked with IdentityMine since 2006, she is responsible for the design and implementation of QA policies and procedures. Additionally, she oversees the testing of QA processes and products.

    Liby has a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and industry experience of over 12 years. She uses her extensive experience to plan and execute quality management practices within the company.

    You will find Liby with a book in her free time. She is an avid reader and owns a large collection of period novels.

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