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IdentityMine's Blendables Essentials empowers Windows application developers
and designers to quickly and easily enhance their WPF Applications.

Las Vegas, NV (May 2, 2007) - IdentityMine, an interactive design and development firm, today announced the availability of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of the company's first Blendables™ product release. Constructed specifically to empower designers and developers of Windows applications, IdentityMine's Blendables product offering is the packaged result of four years of expertise and experience in working with the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) programming platform. Blendables will be released as a series of custom WPF controls logically grouped into what IdentityMine defines as a "mix."

By utilizing IdentityMine's feature-specific Blendables Essentials mix, developers and designers are able to immediately benefit from a powerful set of tools uniquely designed by IdentityMine from the ground up. IdentityMine's Blendables Essentials allows customers to quickly and easily enhance their WPF applications without having to spend countless hours learning intricate and advanced development techniques. In the world of application design and development, Blendables Essentials speeds development time by plugging directly into Microsoft Expression Blend.

"The developer and design community understand both the benefits and intricacies of adopting WPF, and IdentityMine is playing a vital role in increasing WPF's adoption and immediate impact with the new Blendables Essentials mix," said Mike Soucie, CEO of Electric Rain. "These controls will play a role in our newest product, StandOut, which is based entirely on the Microsoft .NET 3.0 Framework and WPF."

IdentityMine's Blendables Essentials is a specific mix of multiple controls. The first CTP mix of Blendables Essentials includes the following controls:

Zoombox – Allows content to be panned in any direction or zoomed in or out using a multitude of user inputs

ElementSnapshot – Enables greater designer creativity by alleviating performance degradation when exploiting advanced visual effects

Carousel3D – A 3D elliptical layout control with full ItemsControl-like functionality

ChromelessWindow – Enables applications to stand out by creating a custom-branded window experience while still keeping the default window chrome functionality

DragAndDrop – Enables drag and drop functionality on a number of built-in windows elements such as ListBox, ListView and TreeView

Pie – Creates any type of elliptical visual such as pie charts, speedometers and gauges

OSChecker – Allows a designer to create a custom application experience contingent with the OS Version

TimelinePanel – Creates compelling visualizations that emphasize the chronological nature of a data set

EvalBinding/SimpleBinding – Data binding that adjusts in real-time based not only on application properties, but also off of actual code evaluation – all with XAML mark-up

NumericRangeToObjectConverter – Triggers application behaviors not only on a single value, but on a specific range of values

"As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, IdentityMine has worked extensively with Microsoft for the past four years on WPF and Microsoft Expression Blend," said Ian Ellison-Taylor, general manager of Windows Presentation Foundation at Microsoft Corp. "This experience has provided the company with the unique opportunity to gain insight into the most detailed aspects of WPF and to develop tools that specifically cater to the needs of designers and developers looking to further expand their WPF capabilities."

"Since our inception, IdentityMine has been focused on helping our customers redefine the user experience," said Chad Brown, senior vice president of products and services for IdentityMine. "With the introduction of the Blendables product line, we're essentially packaging our WPF expertise into a product offering designed to ease the adoption of this exciting new platform by empowering the designer and developer alike."

For more information about IdentityMine or to download a CTP version of Blendables Essentials, visit

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IdentityMine helps organizations design, develop and deploy engaging Windows applications based on the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) programming platform, a component of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 for Windows XP and Windows Vista. By offering a robust line-up of consulting, training, development and stand-alone solutions, IdentityMine allows its customers to select a program to fit their specific needs while utilizing IdentityMine's rich expertise and experience in working with the WPF programming platform. Based in Tacoma, Washington, IdentityMine has offices in the United States and India and its clients include Microsoft, H-P, NEC, CCH, Thomson Financial, Pfizer, Hearst and For more information on how IdentityMine solutions can help redefine the user experience, visit
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