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Company Establishes Firm Foothold In Products Space With Line
of User Experience (UX) Tools and Components

See Blendables at TechEd EMEA, Barcelona, Nov 5-7, Booth # B8 in Microsoft VSIP Zone

TACOMA, WASH. (October 9, 2007) - IdentityMine, a user experience company specializing in today’s leading presentation technologies, today announced the general availability of Blendables™, a line of UX tools and components that help designers and developers quickly and easily accelerate their Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)-based applications without having to spend countless hours learning intricate and advanced development techniques. In the world of application design and development, Blendables Essentials speeds development time by working equally well with Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio.

“IdentityMine was one of the first partners to work with Microsoft Expression Blend,” said Tim Sneath, group manager for client platform evangelism at Microsoft Corp. “Blendables is a great resource for any developer’s toolbox because of the way it builds on WPF, reducing development time and adding useful functionality that demonstrates the power of the Windows platform. We will continue to see a growing tools market emerging to support Expression Blend and WPF, and we’re pleased to see IdentityMine innovating early in this space.”

Through its early access to new technologies and its history of service with some of the world’s leading brands, IdentityMine has become renowned for its expertise with leading Microsoft presentation technologies, including WPF and Microsoft Silverlight. With the release of Blendables, IdentityMine is able to provide designers and developers involved in the user experience lifecycle quick and easy access to packaged WPF expertise. This packaged expertise ultimately helps IdentityMine customers ease the adoption of new technologies, speed time to market, retain software’s structural integrity and build in rich and compelling design.

IdentityMine’s Blendables Essentials is a specific mix of patent-pending UX controls. The first mix of Blendables includes the following:

Zoombox – Allows content to be panned in any direction or zoomed in or out using a multitude of user inputs

ElementSnapshot – Enables greater designer creativity by alleviating performance degradation when exploiting advanced visual effects

Carousel3D – A 3D elliptical layout control with full ItemsControl-like functionality

ChromelessWindow – Enables applications to stand out by creating a custom-branded window experience while still keeping the default window chrome functionality

DragAndDrop – Enables drag and drop functionality on a number of built-in windows elements such as ListBox, ListView and TreeView

Pie – Creates any type of elliptical visual such as pie charts, speedometers and gauges

OSChecker – Allows a designer to create a custom application experience contingent with the OS Version

TimelinePanel – Creates compelling visualizations that emphasize the chronological nature of a data set

EvalBinding/SimpleBinding – Data binding that adjusts in real-time based not only on application properties, but also off of actual code evaluation – all with XAML mark-up

NumericRangeToObjectConverter – Triggers application behaviors not only on a single value, but on a specific range of values

According to Chad Brown, senior vice president of products and services of IdentityMine, “Blendables mirrors the benefits delivered in our service engagements in an easy-to-use, consumable package, allowing designers and developers alike to accelerate the user experience development lifecycle. This Essentials Mix is a ‘buffet’ of what we consider to be some of our more ‘essential’ controls. Whether it is performance enhancements from our ElementSnapshot, the simplicity of DragAndDrop list boxes, or an engaging 3D user experience with using our Carousel3D, IdentityMine’s Essentials Mix is sure to become an important part of the WPF designer and developer’s toolkit.”

For more information about Blendables visit The Blendables Essentials Mix pricing begins at $395, with volume discounts available for purchases of five or more. Users can download a trial version for 60 days from the site.

About IdentityMine
IdentityMine is the leading user experience company, delivering products and services that dramatically accelerate the user experience development cycle for ISVs, enterprises, designers and developers. Through its early access to new technologies the company has developed unparalleled expertise with leading presentation technologies, including WPF and Silverlight from Microsoft, in addition to a fresh view on the workflow between developers and designers. In addition to custom application development, co-development and training, IdentityMine has packaged its real-world expertise in Blendables, a line of UX tools and components that ease the adoption of new technologies, speed time to market, retain software’s structural integrity and build in rich and compelling design.

The company’s clients and customers include some of the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, CSS, GE Health, Wells Fargo, Siemens, Misys, Thomson Financial, Hearst, CBS Paramount and For more information on IdentityMine, visit
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