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Blendables TM Layout Mix and 3D Mix release powerful application visualization tools
focused on ease of implementation for WPF designers and developers.

Las Vegas, NV (March 5, 2008) - IdentityMine, a user experience design and development firm, today announced the availability of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of the company’s latest in the Blendables product line: Blendables Layout Mix and Blendables 3D Mix.

The Blendables Layout Mix is a set of layouts centered around the Panels technology used for application and content layout in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). TheSwitchPanel infrastructure at the core of the Layout Mix adds the concept of switchable layouts. This concept allows for smooth animation and transition for the layout of elements between different panels.

The Blendables 3D Mix is a platform that makes it easy to create immersive 3D application experiences in WPF. With ItemsControl3D, developers are able to specify layout, animation and content while letting the control handle the rest.

“With WPF, there is so much power and possibility for creating new, unique, differentiated user experiences,” said Karsten Januszewski, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corp. “And with products like Layout Mix and 3D Mix, creating such experiences becomes more attainable, such that designers and developers can focus on their vision and not get bogged down with lower level infrastructure code. It will be great to see the kinds of solutions people build on top of the latest Blendables release.”

The Blendables Layout Mix offers users layout to layout animation utilizing methods that are industry standards in defining animation; Physics Driven animation, Penner animations or user created models. In addition, the layout mix includes 10 pre-built switchable layouts (RandomPanel, RadialCanvas, AutoStretchPanel, RelativeCanvas, PerspectivePanel, CameraPanel, TimelinePanel, StackPanel, CanvasPanel and WrapPanel).

The Blendables 3D Mix provides a complete framework for 3D UI development. Customers are able to easily implement dynamic 3D user experiences that update in real-time based on new or updated information that must be presented to the user. This dynamic generation of 3D layout and object models is a complex task that has been distilled down into a convenient set of programming interfaces that any developer can utilize. The task of laying out objects is accomplished with the inclusion of 8 pre-defined 3D layouts (StackLayout3D, GridLayout3D, EllipseLayout3D, CanvasLayout3D, SpiralLayout3D, TimelineLayout3D, DockLayout3D and WrapLayout3D). Additional layouts can be plugged in by customers to meet their own custom application criteria.

“In countless development projects we have consistently relied on these powerful visualization engines,” said Josh Wagoner, senior vice president of engineering, IdentityMine. “Its great to be able to provide these tools to customers who have a need for complex Layout and 3D applications but want a clean and easy-to-use interface for creating those experiences.”

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