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IdentityMine Introduces the IdentityMine Gesture Engine to Support Advanced Multi-Touch Development

IdentityMine announces the IdentityMine Gesture Engine, a new solution accelerator to assist clients looking to develop multi-touch applications for Windows 7.

LAS VEGAS, NV (March 19, 2009) - IdentityMine, an expert user-experience company, introduces the IdentityMine Gesture Engine to bring expanded Multi-Touch capabilities to applications for Windows 7.

With the new range of hardware and software available, it is now possible to create interfaces that respond directly to touch. Specifically these new paradigms allow more than one touch to be processed at the same time – allowing for more natural navigation and commands. Examples of these emerging technologies include Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface.

The IdentityMine Gesture Engine implements a strategy where gestures can be placed at any point of the user interface, and work seamlessly together to interpret the intended navigation or command.  The technology created to implement this strategy is known as multi-level gesturing.  By supporting multi-level cooperative gesturing, designers and developers are able to implement grouping of gestures to accomplish a very natural user experience.

In addition to multi-level gesturing, the IdentityMine Gesture Engine supports and expanded set of gestures including the ability for user-defined gestures.

"The IdentityMine Gesture Engine is a major step forward in allowing us to push the envelope in natural user interface (NUI) development,” said Mark Brown, CEO at IdentityMine.  “We are extremely excited about the new technologies coming in Windows 7 and are ready to support clients who are gearing up for the upcoming OS launch.”

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About IdentityMine:
IdentityMine is an expert user-experience company.  Combining the best of what you expect from an innovative design agency and an inventive software development firm, IdentityMine brings a blended approach to the world of user experience.  Integration of deep technical expertise and rich engaging design through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and Natural UI technologies sets them apart. They facilitate the inevitable convergence of IT, traditional operations and marketing efforts to make a truly memorable and intuitive user experience. Based in the Seattle area, IdentityMine has offices in the United States and India and its clients include Microsoft, GE Health, Wells Fargo, Siemens, CBS Paramount and IdentityMine can deliver an improved user experience for you. For more information, visit

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