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SolidWorks eDrawings Surface in Keynote

SolidWorks eDrawings Surface in Keynote

I finally got a moment to write this post. Even though it’s not recent news anymore, it’s still very cool.The R&D division of SolidWorks, one of the largest CAD software companies in the world, invited IdentityMine to port their popular eDrawings 3D model viewing sofware to Microsoft Surface, to start getting a feeling for how their customers would interact with 3D models in a gestural, natural user interface environment. Naturally I was very excited to be a part of this project.

In meatspace, models are built out of physical objects like wood, ceramics, metal and glass. The visceral experience of constructing something with your hands is unmatchable in the digital realm. Creating an application where users can view, interact with and manipulate 3D models with their hands is as close to physical modeling as one can possibly get (until we have holographic interfaces like in the film Iron Man – that’s just down the road, I’m sure). I had personally been waiting for an opportunity like this since I started working in multitouch software design and development. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of this technology.

The application was one of the most challenging Surface applications I’ve worked on. Interfacing with the OpenGL-based eDrawings application in a DirectX/WPF based Surface host application was no easy task! The team really came together to pull it off in time and with style.

We demonstrated this application at SolidWorks World 2009 International User Conference and Exposition. in Orlando Florida to a very warm welcome. The SolidWorks’ founder Jon Hirschtick demonstrated the application in his keynote address, we got very good international press from places as far away as India and Sweden, and the users on the trade floor were genuinely excited about the future of touch in 3D modeling.

There are a couple short videos of the running application at SolidWorks APACBlog, as well as photos and the official IdentityMine press release are here.

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