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I’m wondering if quoting install numbers is really worth it anymore.  I know one of the benefits of Flash is that it is on virtually every machine.  What is the threshold # that everyone is looking for?  To me it should be around 50%.  Once it’s on or around 50% of machines the bit should flip from 0 –> 1 and we just say, yes it’s ok to build something on Silverlight.

I completely understand for Silverlight 1 and event Silverlight 2 it was a bit tough to justify a Silverlight only experience.  On we updated our sites to have Silverlight 2 elements on the homepage.  Something we didn’t do for Silverlight 1.

I thought it was an odd comparison to compare it Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Just for fun I thought I would try a few other comparisons:

Silverlight has the same number of installs as:

Potential sale of Ford Shares

US Population in 2006

The age of maybe the world’s oldest brain in a fish fossil

The name of a UK Creative Shop

A potential prize for creating a better car battery in $

$ spent by Al Gore to push Climate Protection

and another 57,700,000 other items.

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