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posted by Kurt Brockett

A few months ago IdentityMine was approached to participate in TechDays 2009 in Belgium.  Laurent took up the challenge and put together two great presentations for the event.  The video was recently which you can find embedded below.  Great job Laurent.

.NET continuum: ASP.NET, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF

From the video description:

With the release of Silverlight in 2008, Microsoft put in place the last piece of the client application puzzle and completed the .NET continuum: From very thin clients (running HTML code created by ASP.NET) to 'richer thin clients' (using AJAX) to rich interactive applications (RIAs with Silverlight) to very rich clients running on the Windows desktop (Windows Presentation Foundation). In this session with few slides and much code, Laurent demonstrates how to implement and configure a single Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. Then, a continuum of client applications consuming this service is created. For Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation, Laurent also shows how to reuse as much code as possible, and how to optimize the development. Finally, services located on external servers will be consumed too and the problem of cross domain communication will be inspected.

Live coding Silverlight and WPF

From the video description:

Does Windows Presentation Foundation’s learning curve intimidate you? Did you hear about Silverlight but didn’t have the occasion to try it yourself? Are you afraid that, though it is using well known .NET languages and libraries, it has specificities that are difficult to understand? Discovering these two platforms on your own can seem like a frightening step. In this very interactive session, Laurent will code Silverlight and WPF in front of you, and will let the audience’s questions guide him in this journey through rich user experience. Simple tools like KaXaml and SilverlightPad will be used, as well as the powerful development environments Visual Studio and Expression Blend. Depending on the audience’s desires, this session can take you into Expression Design, Designer-Developer workflows, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, web services communication, Animations and Transforms, Multimedia integration, and many other topics. Samples will be made in both WPF and Silverlight in a fun way that should allow everyone to overcome their inhibitions and to get started without pain!

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