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IdentityMine releases new Web experiences using Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3

New Web pages highlight IdentityMine’s deep involvement in creating Web experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 10, 2009) — IdentityMine, an expert user experience company, launches three new Web sites it built focused on fostering Microsoft Silverlight 3 community involvement and code sharing. The updated web pages leveraging the power and community around Silverlight 3 and the Expression Studio 3 set of technologies include the Silverlight home page, a new blog and information sharing site at and IdentityMine’s Client Preview Site. All three pages demonstrate the power and community around Silverlight 3 and the Microsoft Expression Studio 3 set of technologies.

The Silverlight team at Microsoft worked closely with IdentityMine and Zaaz to develop the new showcase that serves as a display into the various Silverlight experiences available on the Web today.

“IdentityMine’s knowledge of Silverlight gave Microsoft full confidence it could maintain the fidelity of Microsoft’s vision for the Silverlight Showcase,” said Brad Becker, director of rich client platforms and tools in the Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. “IdentityMine is a great example of how companies can make the most of Silverlight 3 and the Expression Studio 3 to deliver design and engineering excellence.”

The first step in understanding a new technology is to experience it via existing applications and the new showcase allows companies to view a wide range of implementations built on the Silverlight platform.

/forward is a home to share ideas, technology and design thinking. It focuses on the company’s efforts to be heavily involved in the community. IdentityMine is continually forward thinking and being able to share that passion is their goal. You will find thoughts on all things user experience (UX), including some that will see the immediate light of day and others that may simply be a look into the future.

"The Web is a powerful medium to participate in a worldwide community built around Microsoft technologies including Silverlight 3 and the Expression Studio products,” said Kurt Brockett, Director of UX Evangelism at IdentityMine.  “In addition to blogs, introduces Labs that highlight our contributions to the ecosystem via code sharing and programming knowledge sites.” /forward Labs is a single destination for the code IdentityMine contributes to the community.  Prior to official release, IdentityMine employees shared multiple code controls and frameworks focused on Silverlight 3.   In addition to code sharing, Labs also visualizes the team’s participation in sites such as CodePlex and StackOverflow which offers a view into the depth of their community presence.  Leveraging Silverlight 3’s new Out of Browser functionality, /forward Labs is able to be viewed offline.

The IdentityMine Client Preview Site was developed to ensure that nothing is lost when communicating with customers over the Web.  Currently existing sharing experiences utilize various technologies to limit bandwidth and transfer times for clients. With Silverlight, IdentityMine is able to share XAML assets in real-time, relying on the Silverlight rendering engine to reproduce all assets in full resolution.  Thus allowing IdentityMine and their client to now be confident they are seeing the same assets. This high fidelity sharing enables the teams to collaborate in a much more efficient manner.


About IdentityMine:

IdentityMine is an expert user-experience company.  Combining the best of what you expect from an innovative design agency and an inventive software development firm, IdentityMine brings a blended approach to the world of user experience.  Integration of deep technical expertise and rich engaging design through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and Natural UI technologies sets them apart. They facilitate the inevitable convergence of IT, traditional operations and marketing efforts to make a truly memorable and intuitive user experience. Based in the Seattle area, IdentityMine has offices in the United States and India and its clients include Microsoft, GE Health, Wells Fargo, Siemens, CBS Paramount and IdentityMine can deliver an improved user experience for you. For more information, visit Contact InformationKurt BrockettIdentityMine,

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