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SIGGRAPH 2009 had some interesting stuff this year. Check this out:

In this demo, the scientists used a mirror to project holograms. This could just as easily be done using the same Wiimotes in conjunction with stereoscopic vision ( and a standard 120 Hz LCD to create a 60-inch version of the same kind of thing.

Imagine a UI where you could actually feel out windows in 3D space, grab them, swing them around or toss them away, where they’d have real 3D presence, and texture.  One wacky idea would be a foot massager app.. just run it and a massager would appear in front of you; just stick your feet near the screen  (yes, I know, I think of the entirely impractical ideas long before the truly useful ones).

Amazing that it could all be done right now (with some limitations of the ultrasound system), just by stringing together technologies already available. Perhaps it’s time for me to go shopping…

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