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I set aside some time today to add some goodness, and remove some badness, from my MVVM Foundation library on CodePlex.  Special thanks go to Matt Heffron for his great work on making the Messenger class much safer and user friendly.  Here is a listing of the changes:

  • Added safety checks and helpful error messages in Messenger for callback registration and message broadcasting.  Unit tests were added to verify this behavior.
  • Ensured that Messenger notifies colleagues of a message in the order they registered for that message.  Unit tests were added to verify this behavior.
  • Fixed an issue in an ObservableObject unit tests where it failed in a Release build.

It's exciting for me to see the improvements and ideas suggested by people using MVVM Foundation!  I appreciate the time people have contributed toward making the library better.  I hope there are no hard feelings when I reject a proposed feature. 🙂

You can get the latest source code here:

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