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posted by Kurt Brockett

A little  different than our normal posts here on /forward but given that the setup I am using mirrors potentially a lot of our readers I thought it would be information worth sharing.  If you don't have a Mac and use Boot Camp you can stop reading.

I was running Boot Camp 2.0 in Windows 7 on a 17" MacBook Pro Aluminum Body (pre-Unibody).  I picked up Snow Leopard the other day to keep the machine as up to date as possible and take advantage of some new drivers, etc.  I upgraded the OSX side without issue and then hopped over to Windows 7 to complete the update.  I was trying to go from Boot Camp 2.0 -> Boot Camp 3.0.  (Great page on Boot Camp versions etc from Wikipedia: link )  When I inserted the Snow Leopard disc and started the install for the drivers I was presented with the following error:


Boot Camp installer completed.

The installer encountered errors before Boot Camp could be configured.

To retry these operations at a later time, please run the installer again.

Click Finish to exit the installer.


So the sleuthing began.  I started with trying to take a smaller step by installing the Boot Camp 2.1 Update.  Same error.

I ruled out the language issue that is floating in some of the forums and then stumbled upon an issue around Display Drivers installed by programs like LogMeIn and VNC (see venery entry from Dec 20, 2008).  I don't have either of those on my machine but popped open Device Manager to see if this could be a clue and I found the following:


Turns out Live Mesh installs a Display Adapter - Live Mesh Remote Desktop Mirror Driver.  Bingo.

You can approach what to do with this two ways.  I chose the latter.  The first is to simply uninstall the driver from Device Manager.  This didn't seem to affect Live Mesh or remote desktopping to/from the machine.  Boot Camp 3.0 then successfully installed.  I couldn't find a good way to get that Live Mesh driver back though.  Reinstalling Live Mesh wouldn't do it.  Being an old software QA guy though I knew there was probably a reason for this driver so I took the longer but more complete route.

1.  Uninstall Live Mesh from the machine, not just the driver.

2. Complete the Boot Camp 3.0 install from the Snow Leopard disc. (or 2.1 update from here: link)

3.  Login to and select Add Device (even though you really don't want to re-add a machine)

4.  You will get a link to download the Live Mesh installer.

5.  Install Live Mesh again.

6.  When it first runs just Cancel out of the dialog about Adding a New Machine.

7.  Launch Live Mesh again.  The settings left over from your original Live Mesh install will recognize the machine and not ask you to add it again.  (I just had to adjust the option to "Hide folder shortcuts on the desktop for unsychronized Live Mesh folders."  Personal preference.)

Hope this saves a few folks some time.

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