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touchfirst_420x280Luckily by working at IdentityMine we have access to a few Microsoft Surface units for development and marketing purposes, but you know what is better than a few Microsoft Surface units? One more! The touch first Developer Channel asks the question, "Are You An Interactive Superstar?", to which I'd like to think we could answer, "YES I AM!". IdentityMine has submitted a few of our familiar Microsoft Surface applications for consideration in the contest.


The facebook page can be viewed here:  link

Aimsweeps you can see from the current snap, IdentityMine currently has our first five entries front and center on the challenge wall.

The individual entries can be viewed and commented on at the links below:

IdentityMine Event Photos

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IdentityMine Hotel1000

IdentityMine + SolidWorks

IdentityMine Wine Guide Solution

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