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posted by Kurt Brockett

Wow. PDC2009 is next week. On Monday of next week there will be planefulls of geeks flying from the usual hotspots including SEA -> LAX and OAK/SFO -> LAX. One of my favorite parts of tech conferences is running into everyone at the airport terminal when heading out. This year IdentityMine will have a few folks on hand and we all have slightly different goals at PDC. Everything from CEO level conversations to hardcore coding knowledge sponging.

At PDC2009 I have two goals:

1) to get rid of and/or trade as MANY business cards as possible. I know these flimsy pieces of paper seem like a waste but each one is an opportunity to create something great with IdentityMine. I'd like to get to know more Microsoft folks influencing UX and meet customers interested and ready to make the leap into the XAML space.

2) Catch up with those I already know. Sharing a drink or meal with existing friends/contacts is one of the best parts of attending a conference the size of PDC2009.

So that's where you, faithful blog reader/twitter friend, come in. Email me: Let's put something in the calendar. The goal for the week is to have a stacked calendar for the event. No stopping. 8am - 2am - Let's get together in LA! Also if you aren't attending but know someone you think IdentityMine should meet please pass along the message.

Mark Brown (CEO), Jonah Sterling (Creative Director) and Jonathan Russ (Director of R&D) will be rounding out the crew attending PDC2009. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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