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posted by Kurt Brockett

A main attraction no doubt for PDC is the sessions.  Hear details on current and upcoming platforms directly from the Microsoft teams that live and breath the technology every day.  For our readers on /forward they are most likely interested in WPF, Silverlight and Windows 7 focused sessions.  Well in an attempt to stay current in my daily countdown and to show some love for our FOIM (Friend of IdentityMine) Walt Ritscher I thought I'd highlight his most recent set of posts.  In the posts below, Walt has highlighted a handful of sessions in our target technologies.  Enjoy!  and thanks Walt.

WPF Wonderland Blog by Walt Ritscher

WPF Content at PDC 09 - (link)

Silverlight Content for PDC 09 - (link)

Graphic and Windows content at PDC 09 - (link)

[Updated 11/12] Expression Blend content at PDC 09 - (link)

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