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posted by Kurt Brockett

This is the week of filling the calendar.  During the day it's up to us individually to schedule meetings, session attendance, lunch, coffee, etc.  But in the evening there are usually a few choices that can take everyone up until at least 10PM.  Then of course the crowd separates into the smart ones who go to bed at a decent hour and the second half who stay up way too late and close out the place (wherever that may be).  I've found sometimes though that post 10pm conversations can be some of the best.  But from conference close - 10pm here is a list of the items I have down so far.  * by the ones I plan to attend when there are overlaps.  Comment or email/dm me and I'll try and keep the list updated as the week goes on.

Monday - 11/16

  • Party with Palermo - 7pm-10pm - The Mayan - (link)
  • *Visual Studio Documentary - 6:30pm-7:30pm - Room 408A L.A CC - (link)
  • *Tweetup - 8pm-10pm - TBD - (link)

Tuesday - 11/17

  • Nothing yet - Guessing this will be Universal Studios Trip?

Wednesday - 11/18

  • Geekfest - 7pm-9pm - The Big Room L.A. CC - (link)
  • *PDC Underground - 7pm-1am - The Conga Room - (link)
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