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We're here in New York demoing our new IdentityMine Retail Map solution showing the power of Microsoft UX across a variety of platforms. IdentityMine’s newest offering is an interactive Retail Map that allows consumers to browse, find out more about products and finally locate items on a store map mirroring the physical store environment.

1The solution focuses on solving business challenges in a competitive retail space.  The IdentityMine Retail Map focuses on the following business objectives.

  • Activate and convert consumers through interactive and experiences
  • Increase customer total store dwell time
  • Foster a deeper connection to brands, products, and services2
  • Extend a brand beyond the store walls by connecting the in-store and website experience with Microsoft Tag, SMS, and custom mobile apps
  • Provide a measurable marketing medium
  • Maximize your trade marketing fund ROI

To achieve these goals the IdentityMine team ha3s delivered an experience that attracts consumers and entices them to spend time with the experience using touch creating a natural user interface.   Customers are able to leverage the following features to find exactly what they need.

  • Search using visual indicators such as product and category icons
  • Utilize text search to quickly locate an item
  • Use filters to narrow down on items given a certain set of criteria
  • Add items to a wish list and send to their phone via text message
  • View a store map of where their selected items are located

“The IdentityMine Retail Map is another solution in a set of solutions focused on the retail vertical,” said Chad Brown, SVP of Sales and Marketing at IdentityMine.  “Recent focus by retailers to increase the enjoyment of the shopping experience has lead to entirely new thinking about user experience (UX).  By leveraging our expertise in Microsoft Surface and Windows 7 Touch, IdentityMine is uniquely positioned to create new interactive experiences across multiple physical environments.”


The IdentityMine Retail Map is built to run on both Microsoft Surface and Windows 7, something that is accomplished using the IdentityMine Gesture Engine.  This technology is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) based framework that allows IdentityMine to quickly build natural user interfaces that target Microsoft Surface as well as desktops and laptops running the Windows 7 OS.

IdentityMine will be showcasing these new experiences at Microsoft Booth #836 on Monday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 12, 2010 as part of the NRF BIG show.


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