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Last night I was reading a blog post about IdentityMine from a local UW director. Look at that... We share the same blogger template. I was confused for a second. Isn't it sad I have a creative company and don't have a custom one? (hint, hint if any of our creative folks are reading this) I'm sure they'll just tell me to switch to WordPress.

Anyway, I appreciated Andrew's comments and it inspired me to take a few minutes and post again. It's been awhile.

Yes, we are busy and last year was our biggest year ever with 2010 looking better yet - despite the downturn. I thank all you out there who demand a better user experience for that. People have been given a taste of good UX and now they have an appetite for more. After all, what good is a feature rich application if the features remain buried in a help file somewhere begging to be used? What good is a collection of data that hasn’t been turned into information via a rich visualization?

The technology is no longer a limiting factor. With presentation technologies like WPF and Silverlight and NUI platforms like Surface, Windows 7 and the various multi-touch overlays, an applications UX is only limited to your creativity and willingness to invest in the engineering required to build the vision. Of course, the “appetite for innovation” and change is only so big depending on which ecosystem your “experience” is targeting. Therefore UX innovation must be managed with good user research and tested with proof of concepts and prototypes. I’m very proud of IdentityMine. One of the things I’m most proud of is the culture which allows all competencies required to deliver the perfect balance of UX innovation to live under one roof.

Collectively we all expect more from the interfaces we use day to day at work, home or during play. The UX is now a major component in our perception of “quality”. As a result, the next couple years will offer companies the opportunity to meet or exceed this new and constantly raising UX bar or disappear into yesterday. Exciting times indeed.

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