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Looky here – Seesmic Look

Recently IdentityMine had the great opportunity to work on the new Seesmic Look application that debuted in New York earlier this morning.  Seesmic Look is a new lens on the tremendous flow of information that is the Twitter firehose.  At IdentityMine we specialize in UX and so when we were approached about a new way to look at and use the information locked up in the Twitter stream we jumped at the opportunity.

You can tell by some of the screenshots below that Seesmic Look is an extremely visual application.

Below you see the public timeline view which shows a users friends in a constantly flowing stream.


These are pretty typical views but where Seesmic Look really shines is in the new “interests” and “channels” areas.  IdentityMine’s efforts on the project were mainly focused in the channels area.  The new areas allow a user to have a look into what is going on in various interest categories or corporate backed channels.  Seesmic works with companies to define and brand those channels creating a great marketing medium to have their “official” athletes add to a brand stream.

It’s a great new take on the twitter ecosystem and we are excited to be part of delivering the new experience.

You can check out both a shot of Sports interests and the Red Bull channel below.


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