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I read a lot of design websites, mostly magazines and blogs, looking for tutorials, resources, tools, brushes, textures, patterns, stock assets, critique and inspiration. When I say “a lot”, I mean more than 80 sites. It can be a bit much to handle. To help out with managing all the great content the community posts every day, I created a few handy tools that I, in turn, can share with the world.

Google Custom Search

I made a Google Custom Search Engine to search these sites specifically. Try it out! Search for “grunge brushes” or “photoshop lighting tutorial” or something. It’s just awesome. (or, if is down or something:

Twitter List

Most of these sites publish a Twitter feed when they post new content. I’ve aggregated them into a Twitter List so you can see at a glance what’s new and interesting.

For an even more focused search for goodies, you can show just the tweets that have links in them.

The Full List

If you want to see the individual sites in their full glory, the following is the complete list. If you know of others that should be included, go ahead and post a comment so I can keep these tools updated and relevant. They’re for all of us. The only real criteria is that they post content regularly (tutorials, resources, tools, brushes, textures, patterns, stock assets, critique and inspiration) and the production value is pro-quality.

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