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Before the big game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, fans huddled around touch screens in VIP Luxury Suites at Sun Life Stadium. People were thumbing through past Super Bowl highlights. They were playing a sports flashcard game. And they were doing it on HP TouchSmart PCs.

Microsoft and HP provided 30 of these all-in-one PCs to IdentityMine. Taking full advantage of Windows 7’s native multi-touch screen support, IdentityMine created a number of Super Bowl-specific touch applications showing off new ways to enjoy the game before kickoff:

Flashcards: Fans were able to play memory and matching games with NFL-specific content.  Here, users matched logos to their favorite NFL Teams.

Super Bowl Highlight Reel: Utilizing touch screens, fans searched a library of Super Bowl highlight content to replay their favorite moments.

Merchandise Selector: Fans discovered and visualized various Super Bowl XLIV and NFL team merchandise that was available for purchase in the Club Level during the game.  Leveraging Microsoft Tag technology, the app allowed fans to capture links to the products directly on their Mobile Phones for later purchase.

Digital Memories: A touch-enabled experience allowed team, league executives and marketing partners the ability to review catalogs of photos taken during the festivities leading to game day -- including the exclusive Commissioner’s Ball and owners pre-party held at the Viceroy in Miami.

Miami Beach Sand:  A beach themed entertainment application that illustrated the unique touch and gesture-enabled properties capable in Windows 7.  This application was branded so that fans uncover unique sponsored tokens “beneath” the “sand”.

So, when you think of those VIP skybox seats at stadiums in the near future, it might start featuring touch screens alongside the private bars, a good spread of food and, of course, a great view of the game. According to IdentityMine’s Kurt Brockett, they are “currently working with other franchises to bring customized experiences to many more fans.”

Touch screens provide a better, more natural way to engage with customers. We released the HP TouchSmart SDK so that companies big and small could take full advantage of our PCs – like IdentityMine did here. (You can read more about our SDK here). And if you’d like to join the conversation to talk about this story or some other ways you’d like to see touch technology in your life, please post a comment in our forums.

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