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Getting ready to fly to Vegas and MIX10 is really an exciting time! It is also a very busy time, because we are working on a few projects that will be shown on stage, I have my presentation to prepare, and of course as always the book… though these days it has been a bit on the back burner to be honest 😉

I arrive in Vegas on Sunday evening around 10PM, so I won’t be able to make it to the traditional IdentityMine dinner this year. I am sure it will be fun nonetheless!

My session: Understanding the MVVM pattern

My session is scheduled on the first day, which is awesome, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping that the MIX team doesn’t change it at the last minute… The session will take place on

Monday, the 15th of March, 2PM, Room Lagoon F

Important: remember that the USA are moving to Summer time on Sunday, so don’t forget to adjust your watches!!

Ask the Experts

On Monday evening, I will attend the Ask the Experts event, which is taking place between 5Pm and 6:30PM in the main meal hall. This will be a great occasion to grab a beer and talk about code.

The Commons

MIX has a great place called the Commons, a great location to chill between sessions, and meet tons of interesting people. I love the Commons and plan to spend a lot of time there to meet as many people as I can.


I was invited to a few parties, and will do my best to avoid conflicts 🙂 I plan to be at the following events:

  • Silverlight Mixers on Monday evening
  • Insiders MIX party on Tuesday
  • Silverlight partner happy hour on Tuesday too

This is a lot of fun, but at the same time we all know that the best value of a conference is to meet people face to face. This is just the right occasion.

And on Thursday…

On Thursday I will be attending a Silverlight event at the Luxor. It will be a very busy day, perfect way to end the conference. I fly back home on Friday morning, but due to a long stop in Washington DC (where I intend to go downtown and take pictures… except if the weather is bad, in which case I will probably go to the museum of flight), I will reach home only on Sunday.

Getting hold of me

The best way to reach me during MIX is to send me a message on Twitter. I will regularly tweet my location at the conference, so make sure to come and meet me. I am eager to make new friends, to talk about the fantastic jobs we did in WPF and Silverlight over the past year and hear your war stories!

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