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The new experiences highlight the reach of Microsoft Silverlight and the power of Microsoft’s Developer and Designer Platform and Tools.

[LAS VEGAS] — [MARCH 15, 2010] — IdentityMine, an expert user experience company, announced a myriad of new mobile solutions at the Microsoft MIX10 conference.  The sheer number of new experiences developed by IdentityMine underscores the expertise the company has across the Microsoft developer ecosystem.  The newest addition to IdentityMine’s development lineup is Windows® Phone 7 Series, which uses Microsoft Silverlight to create rich user experiences across a variety of mobile devices.

Some of these new mobile experiences include for Windows Phone 7 Series, which highlights the multi-touch capabilities of the Silverlight Deep Zoom.  The rich content offered from the catalog shows the off the graphics horsepower of the new Windows Phone devices.

Seesmic’s application for Windows Phone 7 Series brings one of the top social media brands to the new platform.  Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 Series unlocks the mobile platform for the existing .NET ecosystem, allowing IdentityMine to develop experiences across the mobile and desktop environments.

“We were extremely happy to learn that Silverlight would be the design and development platform for the new Windows Phone 7 Series platform,” said Mark Brown, CEO, IdentityMine. “We could take our expertise in Silverlight technologies and natural user interface (NUI) and apply that to a whole new class of devices and customers.”

Seesmic’s Silverlight application for the Web introduces an additional experience that extends Silverlight to consumers.   The development of multiple experiences targeted at a variety of screens was made possible utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Expression Blend 3, building on the .NET Framework.

“Microsoft is excited to see partners such as IdentityMine create Silverlight applications for mobile devices,” said Brian Goldfarb, Director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp. “IdentityMine continues to be a great example of how companies can make the most of Silverlight to deliver design and engineering excellence.”IdentityMine will be hosting these new experiences as well as existing work targeting Windows 7, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 7 Series at The Commons at MIX10.

About IdentityMine

IdentityMine is an expert user-experience company. Combining the best of what you expect from an innovative design agency and an inventive software development firm, IdentityMine brings a blended approach to the world of user experience. Integration of deep technical expertise and rich engaging design through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Microsoft Surface and Natural UI technologies sets them apart. They facilitate the inevitable convergence of IT, traditional operations and marketing efforts to make a truly memorable and intuitive user experience. Based in the Seattle area, IdentityMine has offices in the United States and India and its clients include Microsoft, GE Health, Wells Fargo, Siemens, CBS Paramount and IdentityMine can deliver an improved user experience for you. For more information, visit


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