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Ah, the joy of new releases… You will find that the MVVM Light Toolkit works fine with Visual Studio 2010 RTM and Blend 4 RC except for a few adjustments:

Blend templates

The path to the Expression Blend 4 project templates changed. If you start Expression Blend 4 RC now, you will likely not see the MVVM Light templates in the New Project dialog.

New Project dialog with MVVM Light

To restore the templates, follow the steps:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to C:Users[username]DocumentsExpression (or simply type My Documents in Windows Explorer and then open the Expression folder).
  • Change the name of the “Blend 4 beta” folder into “Blend 4”.

That’s it, you should now see the templates in the New Project dialog in Blend 4.

Note that since the new name is “Blend 4”, I hope that I won’t need to do the same exercise when Blend 4 RTM is released!

Windows Phone 7 templates

Since the Windows Phone 7 tools are not ready yet for Visual Studio 2010 RTM and Blend 4 RC, the templates in the Silverlight for Windows Phone folders will not work. You will get an error if you try to create a new such project in the newly released environment.

I hesitated to remove these templates from the current packages, but honestly that is a lot of trouble for a very short time before the tools for Windows Phone 7 are released (note: I don’t have any information as to when these tools will be released). In the mean time, just don’t create a WinPhone7 application.

Reminder: If you want to write code for Windows Phone 7, you need to keep the Visual Studio 2010 RC as well as Expression Blend 4 beta.

Updated package

I uploaded an update to the Blend 4 templates. It is available like before on the “Install manually” page and on the Codeplex page.

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