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posted by Kurt Brockett

I keep running across great Windows Phone 7 information and thought I would attempt to create a master link list to help me keep track of some things.  So why not share?  Now I won't post every little detail I find and I may trim the list as I go along.  I'm really interested to see how the Hardware links list grows.

IdentityMine Windows Phone 7 Items

Windows Phone 7 - Bytes by MSDN Interview

IdentityMine + Seesmic Experiences at MIX10

IdentityMine + Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Top Level Links

Windows Phone 7 - Main Site

Windows Phone 7 - First Look

Windows Phone 7 Hardware

keeping the hardware list updated here:

Dell Lightning - portrait slider

LG Panther - Slider, 2, 3, 4

Samsung - Slate, 2

Samsung 2 - Slate

Samsung Cetus

Asus - Slate

HTC Mondrian - Unknown, 2

HTC Spark - Unknown

HTC Gold - Unknown, 2

HTC Shubert - Slate - Video

HTC Mozart - Slate , 2, 3

Sony Juliet - Slider

HTC HD3 - Slate

HTC Unknown - Slate

Asus Pakistan - Unknown

Windows Phone 7 Software


MLS Soccer
AP Mobile
Foursquare, 2
NBA Tracker
Office Hub
People Hub
Music + Video Hub
Marketplace Hub
Games Hub


Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools



Windows Phone 7 Interaction Guide

Windows Phone 7 Metro Design UI Book - PDF


New Next Gen Windows Phone Marketplace policies

Windows Phone 7 Design Resources


Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone

Development Tips


Windows Phone 7 technical guides appear


Windows Phone 7 Pivot Control sample

Windows Phone 7 Panorama & Pivot controls

Windows Phone and Multitasking

OAuth with Silverlight for Windows 7



Programming Windows Phone 7 - Charles Petzold, 2 (Preview PDF)

Learning Windows Phone Programming - Jaime Rodriguez and Yochay Kiriaty

News Items of Value/Reference

Windows Phone 7: Near Final Screenshots

How To: Try Windows Phone 7 Right Now

Windows Phone 7: the complete guide

10 Part Series from

1. What is Windows Phone 7

2. Hardware Requirements for Windows Phone 7 Part 1

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