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This is a hotfix to correct the issues with the MVVM Light templates for Windows Phone 7.

Who is it for?

Use this hotfix if (and only if):

Why a hotfix?

The hotifx is needed because of changes in the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 assemblies (regrouping of classes in different namespaces and/or different assemblies) as well as some other changes (manifest structure, etc). The MVVM Light assemblies do not need any update however, and continue to work as expected with the new release.

How to install?

The installation process is described at

Note about Blend:

At the moment, Blend for Windows Phone beta seems unable to load custom template. I have a pending question with Microsoft to try and clear this up. Right now, the workaround is to create the MVVM Light application for Windows Phone 7 in Visual Studio, and then to open it in Blend for Windows Phone beta.

Happy coding!


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