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posted by Kurt Brockett

[UPDATE] - So now everything has "launched".  I have updated my list of the official Windows Phone 7 devices but I'll leave all the prototype links below.  Enjoy!


LG Quantum - Slider

HTC 7 Surround - Slate

Samsung Focus - Slate


HTC HD7 - Slate


HTC 7 Pro - Slider

Not sure on the target wireless provider

Dell Venue Pro - Portrait Slider

HTC 7 Trophy - Slate

LG Optimus 7 - Slate

HTC 7 Mozart - Slate

LG Omnia 7 - Slate

Over the course of the last 9 months I have been watching the interwebs and managing a list of links to the various Windows Phone 7 Hardware links that have taken place.  Below is a full list of phones, codenames, etc that I've been able to pull together.   So far I count 15 but I'm sure there may be some prototypes or duplicates in there.  Overall though it's a pretty impressive list of phones prior to launch.  I will keep this list updated as new pieces come out.


LG C900 - Slider

Samsung Cetus -  Slate, 2

LG GW910 (Panther) - Slider, 2, 3, 4 5

HTC T8778 (Spark) (Surround) - Slate , 2, 3, 4


Dell Lightning - portrait slider

LG E900 - Slate, 2

Samsung - Slate, 2

Samsung 2 - Slate

Samsung i8700 - Slate, 2

Asus - Slate

HTC Mondrian - Unknown, 2

HTC Gold - Unknown, 2

HTC Shubert - Slate - Video

HTC Mozart - Slate , 2, 3, 4

HTC HD3, 2


HTC 7 Trophy, 2, 3

Sony Juliet - Slider

HTC Unknown - Slate

Asus Pakistan - Unknown

Toshiba TC03

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