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Today, mobile users outnumber traditional computer users 20:1. Mobile devices have liberated a generation to go out into the world to explore, discover, and share their experiences, and we like nothing more than to leverage the freedom of mobile to deliver amazing user experience right in the palm of your hand.  Mobile’s not just for games and giggles.  Mobile’s changing the world.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some of our thoughts about App development at IdentityMine.  This is just a start –these suggestions apply whether you are developing for iPhone, WP7, Droid, or any other mobile device, and there are more to come.

Risky Behavior is More Fun with Friends.

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We’ve known this client for a while now.  We have a history of successful projects under our belts, and we’re pretty good at reading each other.  We’re friends.  We like each other.  That’s not necessary for a working relationship, but when you are going out on a limb and trying something totally new, it’s nice.

There are lots of ways to mitigate risks – we rely on methodologies, user testing, and specification reviews… but at the end of the day, if you are doing something that hasn’t been done before, you are taking inherent risks.  Do it with people you like.

Invent for the User, Not the Inventor

Create user experience for the users, not the inventors

User Experience and application developers invent experiences that we believe are good for the world… but the real adventure starts when the project leaves the lab.  The users know exactly what they want, and if you keep their needs in mind, you’ll have a better result.  Otherwise they come after your app with a pitchfork (The Bride of Frankenstein could have been called iFrank 2.0.)  Our apps have been getting great reviews, but that’s because they were designed for the user - not the inventor.

You Can Count on a Photo Finish

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Did you wake up with a bright idea?  Did you rush to your favorite search engine to see if your idea has already been done?  It hasn’t?  That’s great!  Now get to work.

Somewhere in the world, some other guy just woke up and had the same idea.  Now you guys are in a race to the finish.  The winner is the one that is the first to market with a quality user experience and launch plan.  You don’t even know that guy, but he’s out there.  Hurry up.

We’ll posts more insights about our most recent iPhone app soon (still top secret).  Stay tuned.

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