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IdentityMine has built a great brand and fantastic reputation within a niche market targeted at high-end user experience. Historically these experiences took the shape of top shelf production-level desktop applications for ISV and Enterprise customers. Over the last few years IdentityMine has built on this foundation to successfully add Rich Internet Applications (R I A), Natural User Interface Experiences (N U I = Touch, Gesture, Speech, Cognitive) and most recently highly interactive and innovative mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

Windows Phone 7 has been the buzz as of late and if you’re wondering…  yes, WP7 is a real contender. Over the past few months we’ve been busy working on several mobile application for the Windows Phone 7 launch. Thus far we can announce: Twitter, IMDb,, SBB (and hope to announce a few more over the coming weeks.)

The WP7 app market is launching with a focus on consumer applications – and the work we’ve done for WP7 so far reflects that.  Consumer applications are making users’ personal lives simpler (SBB Ticketing app) and more interesting (IMDb). The natural progression will be the consumer demand to also make their work life more simple and interesting. We believe the mobile trend will continue beyond the consumer market and into the workplace.  The demand for elegant, fun, and robust applications to help us manage our work lives will be an important shift for the enterprise, but it’s an undeniable outcome from the application movement.  For our WPF and Silverlight customers committed to the Microsoft platform we are thrilled to have Windows Phone 7 as an option.

One size fits all? Not hardly, not today. Device bias runs deep and organizations who try to force standards struggle. To ensure broad adoption the mobile enterprise ecosystem will need to function like a consumer ecosystem. IdentityMine is taking a cross-platform approach to application development. True, there will never be a perfect “develop once” scenario across Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPad, Android,etc. However, we’re excited about our unique ability to substantially leverage investments across the various platforms post initial investment. We’ll have more to share on that front soon.  In the meantime, we’re popping the champagne and celebrating the launch of several of our WP7 apps in the marketplace.

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