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Billy Joel didn’t start the fire… Silverlight did (does anyone under 35 recognize that reference?)

Microsoft is holding a PDC-like event on December 2nd that will offer the inside scoop on all things Silverlight.  If you are local to the Microsoft campus, you can go to the event live in Redmond; if not, they are broadcasting the conference on the web.    You can register here.

The agenda includes a keynote from Scott Guthrie on the future of Silverlight; data binding; building feature-rich apps; MVVM; Tips/Tricks; and Application performance tips.

There’s been some confusion regarding Silverlight, and according to our inside scoop, this conference is going to clear it all up.

If you want to brush up on Silverlight, you can check out Laurent Bugnion’s latest tome, Silverlight 4 Unleashed here.

If you’d rather read up on MVVM, Check out Josh Smith’s contribution with Advanced MVVM (read it on your Kindle!).

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