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Game play is getting a lot of attention these days – the idea of rewarding users for certain behaviors is hardly new – ever since Pavlov’s dogs first salivated for a cookie, we’ve been trying to figure out how to tap into human desire to change behavior.

Game play in healthcare presents promising and exciting possibilities for effecting positive change in people’s health.  Innovation Management, sponsored by Frog, recently conducted a 2-day workshop focusing on game play for the healthcare industry, and our own UX Wunderkind, Carlos Perez attended on IdentityMine’s behalf.  The event wasn’t just for User Experience Designers and software developers; Carlos was joined by clinical researchers, artists, non-profits, UX experts, and healthcare representatives.

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together UX experts and health practitioners to work in groups and produce a healthcare game concept.  At various stages of the conference, the concepts were rated by peers and concepts accumulated a score, resulting in a winner (A Game-Game of sorts).  Teams worked on concepts ranging from multi-generational support to healthy eating, to coping with frightening disease diagnoses.  The range of concepts demonstrates the range of opportunities that game play holds for healthcare.

Gaming for Healthcare

While there, Carlos was able to learn more about, which is a graphics engine and development environment that integrates models and textures from several sources; it’s coded in C# or Javascript – and very cool.  Definitely worth checking out.

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