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IdentityMine was presented with a challenge: our client has invested in a cache of powerful hardware to create the Executive Suite of the Future – complete with touch   and gesture-enabled displays; cloud connectivity; interactive digital meeting spaces; voice-activated video conferencing, mobile devices, and more… but they hadn’t yet figured out how to integrate all of this hardware into a functional User Experience so that they could use it in their daily work.

So we put Group Creative Director, Jonah Sterling, in charge of sorting this bad boy out, and this video demonstrates the proposed solution - an executive dashboard that incorporates cross-device and cross-platform applications and puts the cloud to work for a global operation.

IdentityMine Executive Dashboard Concept

A lot of folks are shocked to find out that it was done with a simple white board and some white board pens. Jonah and Senior UX Designer, Javier Roca Garcia produced every sketch over a two day period. In our digital world, people sometimes forget that actual sketching is an option!

Everything that you see in the video is possible, and we're working with our client to help them to be the first Fortune 100 company to take this powerful leap with technology.

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