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This is just breaking as I’m following along with the LiveBlog of the “pre-keynote” press conference that Long Zheng is doing over at (live link)

So far the pictures look great!  Is that a vertical screen I’m seeing?

(photo credit – Long Zheng – (

Here are the quotes from Long:

- Impressively thin table surface for Surface

- Surface 2.0 is mountable!

- Mounted Surface. Looks like a TV.

- Surface has the biggest piece of Gorilla Glass ever produced.

That is incredibly exciting.  The mounting part and the size piece were 2 of the biggest pieces of feedback from customers from Surface v1 and it seems like they have been addressed.  Now I want to know more about the “PixelSense” they announced.  Will it solve lighting issues with the cameras from v1?  Also the price point was the 4th piece of feedback.

So thin and vertically mountable are “fixed”.  Let’s see if 3) Lighting concerns and 4) price point will be addressed over the next few days.

Stay tuned as I’ll be at CES starting tomorrow and looking forward to investigating more!


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  1. Emraan Kureshi

    Hi i am intresed in knowing more about microsoft surface..kindly send me a proposal with good design images of the same

    Emraan Kureshi



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