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IdentityMine Experiments With The Latest Gesture-Based Software for Microsoft’s Kinect

IdentityMine has developed two variants of a gesture-based Slide Presenter application (in WPF) for Kinect. The first application operates using Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling the user to browse and open a PowerPoint slide deck and present it using Swipe left/Swipe right gestures.

The second application operates a custom slide show presenter using all the same gestures as the first, plus a push feature was added to select content within the presentation. Using Kinect to manipulate different slide show decks promotes Natural Interaction (NI) between the user and the content in the presentation.

The gesture SDK we’re using reveals several gestures:

1.       Swipe left

2.       Swipe right

3.       Push (similar to click)

4.       Wave

5.       Circle

Videos of the application are available below.

IdentityMine Kinect gesture navigation for PowerPoint

Though initially, we had begun with Code Laboratories (CL) NUI Platform, we moved on to use PrimeSense’s Kinect drivers. Since much of the application’s performance depends on the quality and stability of the underlying drivers/gesture application programming interface (API), PrimeSense is a better option because they built the initial Kinect Project Natal reference hardware for Microsoft.

Although, the accuracy rates of these gestures are not 100% yet, IdentityMine was able to develop the most stable Slide Presenter application using open source drivers and APIs compared to the original CL NUI platform.

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About Kinect:

Kinect is the newest controller-free gaming and entertainment experience designed by Microsoft for the Xbox game platform. The Kinect sensor device is based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, which enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the use of a game controller. Using natural user interface (NUI), Kinect is controlled by the wave of a hand and voice commands to manipulate the content within the Xbox Kinect. Microsoft is positioning itself to compete with Wii Motion Plus, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation Eye for the Wii and PlayStation 3 game consoles.

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