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This year at NRF, Identitymine demonstrated how retailers can integrate mobile, cloud, touch, and gesture-technologies to enhance the User Experience in a retail space. Retail kiosks of the past only offered a one way information path to the customer, whereas now customers can input their preferences and receive customized feedback, completing the user experience cycle. Digital displays can provide real-time feedback to retailers about consumer buying habits, enabling retailers to immediately suggest targeted product promotions f. Interactive touch-screen, voice, and gesture-based kiosks, displays, and mobile applications offer a unique and personalized way to display relevant product information, arming employees with a powerful customer service tool. Retail stores can offer exactly what the consumer wants by becoming more user-centric, using touch and gesture-based displays right there in the store, rather than on competitor websites.

IdentityMine put together demos for Escalate, NCR, and Microsoft – what they all had in common was the integration of mobile devices with in-store interactions.  Experiential marketing for retail is changing the way people shop for sure.

NRF Demo Retail  Digital Signage Kiosk Mobile

Check out the demo here.

Want to know more about what we did at NRF?  Read the press release here.

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