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The Next Generation of Touch and Sensor-based Displays

Yes, it is true; the next generation Surface 2.0 boasts a 40-inch LCD screen display in high definition while retaining a slender 4-inch profile, unlike its bulky predecessor Surface V1.0. Comparing the two would be like Olympic gold medalist Hussein Bolt, challenging Fat Albert to a race; it’s simply no contest. The ability to mount the Surface 2.0 on any wall makes it ideal for displays in retail spaces (check out @Kurtbrocket's blog post about Surface 2.0 at CES here) and has the potential to augment the medical, law enforcement, and financial industries. Surface 2.0 allows us to stray from traditional left-brain directional marketing, and brings us to the new age of experiential marketing, by incorporating human interaction and User Experience to encourage audiences to connect to the space through technology.

Microsoft Surface 2.0

Aside from the obvious difference in size from Surface 1.0, the real wow factor is Pixel Sense - infrared sensors arranged under the Gorilla Glass LCD screen. Each pixel acts as an infrared camera that can actually "see“ the objects touching the screen; this technology replaced the NEC cameras that made the Surface 1.0 so bulky. Surface 2.0 isn’t a mobile device, but they sure did something right by making such an easily mountable touch screen display.

Watch this inspiring demo video below from CES 2011.

Since Microsoft has positioned Surface 2.0 to be used in commercial applications, they can engage vertical markets like healthcare, manufacturing, financial, and retail industries. Imagine a streamlined cloud-based communications program linking all of the above industries, displaying real-time data to optimize every sector of a business. Listen people, Surface 2.0 is the future of integrating user-friendly form factor displays into collaborative work spaces, and you better jump on board before this speeding train leaves the station. I wish everyone could play with the Surface 2.0 and feel the power of the touch screen; it makes you feel like a super hero controlling the world at your fingertips.

IdentityMine is excited to begin working on Surface 2.0 retail applications, as we have already created an experiential marketing way-finder retail application for the Surface 1.0. Click here to watch a demo of our revolutionary Way-finder application!

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