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Microsoft today announced that they are planning their own SDK for Kinect, which should come out in the Spring.  You can read the full article from here.

We've been exploring ways to harness NUI and gesture navigation to create amazing user experiences since IdentityMine opened our doors in 2001.  We're excited about these rapid advancements in gesture and UX made possible by Kinect.  We're stoked to see how many clients from all sorts of industries are embracing gesture and these new experiences.  The SDK from Microsoft will only make it that much more efficient to experiment with this stuff.  Experiential Retail Marketing is going to go crazy in the next few months.  Stay tuned!

In addition to the Kinect hacks that we've toyed around with, we've rounded up a few of our favorite Kinect and gesture stories for you to enjoy.

Kinect and Windows Phone 7 Integration

Kinect and Windows Phone 7 Integration via @winrumors

Kinect gesture healthcare surgeons play with robots

Kinect hack lets surgeons play with robots via @fastcompany

Gesture, Retail, NUI

Concept Using Gesture for Retail Displays by Hyper Island

Kinect hack.  Optical Camouflauge as seen on @engadget

Optical Camouflage built with Kinect and Openframeworks by Takayuki Fukatsu via @engadget

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