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On the eve of the Windows 7 release, IdentityMine developed a Memory-like flashcard application for Microsoft using WPF.  This multi-touch experience featured three different game-play  modes, as well as an admin tool with the option for users to personalize the application with custom photos and text. The game allowed users to make a flashcard deck for any topic that they wished.  The project was a fun and simple expression of the kinds of software that could be developed using WPF for Windows 7.

We were excited to recently learn that our friends on the Windows team, Yochay Kiriaty and Arik Poznanski, have updated the game and released Version 2, which enables seamless and easy sharing of decks among users across different computers via the cloud using a Silverlight application. The Silverlight application dynamically downloads the shared deck and displays it just as it would be displayed on the WPF application.

IdentityMine followed a high quality code architecture using proper MVVM pattern,  which makes the applications we build easily ported to different platforms. In this case, we are pleased to see that @Yochay and team ported it to WP7 and Silverlight. We've also ported the app to Microsoft Surface here at Identitymine with a very minimal UX updates.

The game has multiple modes, including Learning Mode, Matching Mode, Memory Game, and Admin Mode.  Here are screen shots from the original project, developed for use on a desktop or Surface device.

Flashcard game in Learning Mode

Flick or click the "card" to see the other side

Matching Mode

Matching is a fun way to learn. Match cards based on similarity, and see your score at the top

Memory Game

Players test their memory by flipping cards and finding matches

Admin Mode

Users can update all of the modes with any content that they need.

Yochay  provides a detailed explanation of how the application works here.  Check out the full post to learn exactly what they did to make ready to be shared!  If you want to download the application, feel free to use the Flashcards.Show ClickOnce install. If you want access to the code, please visit Flashcards on MSDN Code Gallery.

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