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The Next Big Thing in Experiential Retail Marketing

If you asked me last year what tablet computers were available in most home electronics retail stores, there would have only been one answer – The iPad. Now, there is a suite of new tablet computers available with a number of features, prices, and sizes.  Tablet computers will become more relevant as companies like Dell, Motorola, and HP come out with devices that can compete with the iPad. When it comes to experiential marketing for brick-and-mortar retail businesses, tablet computers offer a streamlined and personalized retail experience unlike any other.

IdentityMine has been leading the way in software development, User Experience, and experiential marketing since 2001. For retail businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the competition through the use of innovative software applications, IdentityMine has laid out 4 reasons to include tablet computers in your mobile strategy.

1. Tablets Improve Brand Perception:

Using tablets, retailers can provide a connected experience and a multichannel presence with a higher degree of service. Tablets provide a vehicle for customers to dive deeper into your brand while physically present in your retail space.

2. Experiential Retail Marketing:

Retailers are increasingly using tablets for assisted sales and experiential marketing, including associate-supported sales and self-shopping. Content can include search, product comparison, visualization, social connections, and links to media about products.

3. Handheld Kiosks:

Imagine a shopping experience in which customers locate and select products on touchscreens at an interactive station, download product information on a mobile device, locate items in-store, and then use their tablet to check out. This personalizes the shopping experience and eliminates checkout lines.

4. Mobile Pay Stations:

With credit card swipe add-ons, finger signatures on touchscreens, and email or SMS receipts, tablet computers can do anything a traditional cash register can do.

Last year, IdentityMine was chosen by Microsoft to demo a 3-screen retail solution using digital signage, a Windows Phone 7, and a tablet computer using Windows 7. The tablet is operated by the retail associate and displays the customer’s profile, browsing history, suggestions for similar products (if not available in store), and most recent purchase. IdentityMine’s retail application demonstrates ways to leverage mobile apps for self-assist and in-store scenarios, facilitating more effective interactions with retail staff, and increases the ROI on digital signage. Check out the demo HERE!

If you are interested how IdentityMine is paving the way for the future of retail, read HERE!

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