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Wow - the keynote session today was a complete shift compared to the day one kickoff.  The sense in the crowd was that the HTML5 content from day one felt like a sales pitch, whereas the Silverlight and Windows Phone content from day two was a revelation.  Silverlight received some much needed attention, and the developer tools coming out for Windows Phone 7 was enthusiastically accepted.

The updated emulator in action

Microsoft explained the delays in Windows Phone updates (manufacturer issues; cautious decision-making), showcased the new emulator, which includes 3D modeling to test the accelerometer as well as testing tools for location-based applications. You can see video of the Windows Phone 7 demos from today's MIX session here, courtesy of Channel 9.

IdentityMine contributed a couple of demos for today's session, including the IMDb demo of Windows Phone 7 enhancements, and the Metro IRC presented by Jaime Rodriguez.  Both received rounds of applause, which was exciting to witness in person.

Please forgive the hazy pics, as I didn't want to blind anyone with a camera flash.

IMDb takes center stage!

The presenters had some fun with Kinect, and confirmed the release of the Kinect SDK.  Among the highlights were a Kinect-powered easy chair robot, and a Kinect-enabled guidance system for the "theoretically blind".

Kinect Robot Chair in action

Kinect unit strapped to head? Check. Laptop box thing strapped to back? Check!

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