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We've been lucky enough to have access to phones with early versions of Mango installed for a little while now. We will continue to report on key improvements and impressions of the update. This post will present some of our findings regarding Silverlight Box Scrolling.

OneĀ  major improvements in performance in Mango for Windows Phone 7 is the Silverlight ListBox scrolling. This was often mentioned as a major pain point in many applications (John Zolezzi can attest how many hours were spent improving the scrolling in the Twitter application.)

Mango is solving the Silverlight ListBox Scrolling issue in a few ways:

  • Pictures are now decoded on a background thread (this had to be implemented manually in previous versions.)
  • User input is now executed on a background thread, which means that if an animation is running while a user interacts with the phone, the animation will not skip frames.

There are also other improvements to make the scroll action better. A side by side comparison using our Twitter application can be seen here.

The nice thing is that we do not need to do anything to get those improvements, they will be available to all pre-mango applications automatically.

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