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IdentityMine has earned a reputation for building killer mobile applications, and we're very excited to announce the release of our latest effort, Foodspotting.

Foodspotting began in 2009 when co-founders Alexa Andrzejewski, Ted Grubb, and Soraya Darabi realized that while there were many restaurant review applications, there was no easy way to find or rate specific dishes.

Food Spotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. This virtual road map to the best food in town allows users to use the GPS on the Windows Phone to pinpoint the restaurants exact location. Users can bookmark food that they want to try as well as search the Foodspotting database to look up restaurants or food by category. Users take pictures of favorite foods and submit them to the Foodspotting community.

Foodspotting is about finding the best food and restaurants in your area and sharing your experience with friends, family, and all food lovers alike.

Foodspotting needed to extend their brand to the Windows Phone platform, taking full advantage of the unique features that Windows Phone has to offer. Our team of user experience experts and mobile application developers worked hand-in-hand with Foodspotting to produce their Windows Phone application.


Foodspotting worked with IdentityMine to produce a mobile application for Windows Phone that made it fun to explore, discover, and share food items.

Check out the deliciousness:

Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone Foodspotting for Windows Phone

Find it in the Zune marketplace here!

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