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Lots of great Surface news!

IdentityMine has been working with Surface technology since it first hit the airwaves, and we're huge fans of the technology. As lovers of Natural User Interface (NUI) our team of UX experts and software application developers  are excited about the potential for Surface 2.0 - it's lighter, more affordable, and more intelligent than its predecessor.

We've already started converting our Surface 1.0 experiences to work with Surface 2.0, but there are more new Surface experiences on the way. Our clients in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries have been craving a new level of customer interaction, and Surface 2.0 proving to satisfy appetites to a degree that Surface 1.0 struggled to achieve.

Read Microsoft's blog post about the Surface 2.0 release here.

The entire MSDN documentation for Surface 2.0 is now live as well. It's well worth a read!

Check out our past work with Surface here, here, here,  here, here, here, and here!


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