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Seattle, WA – July 14, 2011 – IdentityMine, an emerging leader in application and interface development for rich digital interactive user experiences using Natural User interface (NUI), announced that it has been recognized by Microsoft as Microsoft Surface Premier Partner.

Microsoft has strict criteria to become a Premier Partner, and IdentityMine ranks in the top 10% of all Microsoft Partners.

IdentityMine has been experimenting with User Experience (UX) on Surface 2.0 – specifically ways that users might interact with a software application NUI in a retail, hospitality, or sports/entertainment setting. The firm designs and develops touch-based interactions that are easy to use, have a short learning curve, and allow users to quickly navigate relatively complex UI.

IdentityMine first started working with Surface technology in 2007 when the original prototype was first available and has worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft’s Surface team to envision not just exceptional UX for Surface, but industry applications that are best suited to unique Surface features. In fact, IdentityMine developed the application used During Bill Gates’ Keynote speech at the 2008 conference when Surface was initially unveiled to the public

IdentityMine has developed Surface applications for Fortune 500 and globally recognized brands including the Microsoft, New Balance, and New Orleans Saints.

“We believe that the days of point and click are nearly over and the future of touch-based NUI is very bright,” said IdentityMine’s Director of UX Technology, Jobi Joy. “IdentityMine employs a multi-pronged philosophy – engage, interact, experience - to every Surface 2.0 application created.”

While both Surface and Surface 2.0 share the same touch-based concept, there are also critical differences. The most compelling differences in the platform are the size, weight, and the cost of the Surface 2.0 compared to the Surface. The updates allow the Surface 2.0 to be wall mounted and more deployable in hospitality and retail ecosystems.

About IdentityMine, Inc.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, IdentityMine is an expert interactive design and user experience (UX) company. They develop leading-edge digital applications and software solutions for multi-screen, multi-touch, multi-platform, and multi-hardware devices for a variety of markets including mobile, retail and sports. They are able to create unique digital interactive user experiences by leveraging deep expertise in a variety of platforms to deliver highly engaging mobile, Internet and other media experiences for major brands in mainstream markets. Clients include Nordstrom, New Orleans Saints, New Balance, Foodspotting, WhitePages, Microsoft, IMDb, Banco Azteca, and more. More information about IdentityMine can be found at

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