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Microsoft has announced their Surface v2 Premier Partners, and IdentityMine was on the list! Microsoft has strict criteria to become a Premier Partner, and IdentityMine ranks in the top 10% of all Microsoft Partners. We’re proud of the designation, and are excited to be a part of the Surface team.

Since IdentityMine started in 2001, we have been at the forefront of emerging Microsoft technology, and continue to develop and push the envelope on what can be done in Silverlight and WPF. When the Surface 1 debuted in 2007, IdentityMine was all over it; we even developed applications for Bill Gates during his 2008 keynote speech at CES. We’ve since gone on to develop Surface applications for the New Orleans Saints during their championship year, and recently New Balance to promote a new shoe during the 2011 Boston Marathon.   We’ve also developed several applications for retail, hospitality along the way. Take a look at the SolidWorks eDrawing application we developed to be demonstrated at the SolidWorks World International User Conference & Exposition. (Check it out here)

While both Surface and Surface v2 share the same touch-based concept, there are also critical differences. The most compelling differences in the platform are the lower cost, size, and the weight of the Surface v2 compared to the Surface v1 – this is due to Pixel Sense technology that uses infrared sensors, instead of bulky cameras like the original Surface. The lower cost ($7,600 compared to $15,000) and updates allow the Surface v2 to be wall mounted and easily deployed in hospitality and retail ecosystems.

We have been experimenting with touch-based Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for many years now – IdentityMine loves developing Surface applications for retail.

We also filmed a promo video to showcase our Surface v1 apps. “We believe that the days of point and click are nearly over and the future of touch-based NUI is very bright,” said IdentityMine’s Director of UX Technology, Jobi Joy. “IdentityMine employs a multi-pronged philosophy – engage, interact, experience - to every Surface v2 application created.”

Jobi has been working on a few Surface v2 applications, including an updated WayFinding retail application and a Paint application - a multi-user photo editing and painting application utilizing lot of NUI experiences and Surface v2 features. You may have already seen our Paint application in the Kinect SDK, and pretty soon it will be ready for Surface v2.

Take a look at these screen shots!

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