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IdentityMine drives innovation and passion for technology; as a Premier/Strategic partner to Microsoft; we were among the first to develop for Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Kinect, and Surface. It is an exciting time for developers and Microsoft as it prepares to move to a new Operating System (OS) with Windows 8. Why is it awesome? Windows 8 will run on an ARM processor and System on a Chip (SoC), which will allow scalability across form factors (yay tablets!). Microsoft plans to create a consistent User interface (UI) across all platforms (PC, Windows phone, XBOX).

At the WPC 11’ Conference, Microsoft’s Andy Lees stated, “You can have full PC compute power available in whatever form factor you like,” and, “We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and one for phones, and one for tablets — they’ll all come together.” Porting applications to different form factors can be simpler with HTML5 than Silverlight; so will developers who invested their careers in Silverlight embrace HTML5 because it is more responsive when it comes to porting applications to multiple Windows form factors?

Microsoft made it clear that Windows 8 will run applications using HTML5 and JavaScript, while stating nothing about Silverlight. That’s not to say that Silverlight is out of the picture; Microsoft has made it clear that there will be several ways to develop applications for the new Windows OS. Windows 8 tablets will have more development options, allowing for more robust applications, as well as cross platform capabilities.

IdentityMine is heavily invested in Silverlight, although we are technology agnostic (check out the technologies we work with here). It seems Microsoft is hinting at a paradigm shift in the way we will develop for Microsoft products; user experience software application development companies like us are anxious to hear more about the future of Silverlight for Windows 8. We don’t believe the shift will be as black and white as some make it out to be. We don’t see it as HTML5 or Silverlight – We believe there’s plenty of need for both technologies.

Do you question the push for HTML5 and Java Script development? Do you think investing in HTML5 will grow your business?

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