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The newest generation of smartphones (or any smartphone for that matter) possess an amazing amount of applications – some for pure enjoyment and some you can't live without. Most of the applications I download help me turn downtime into productive uptime. Time spent chatting with the cashier at my local grocery store has now turned into time spent checking my stock reports (tears rolling down eye) and managing my spending through an incredibly helpful application called Mint. The point I’m trying to make is that the time we spend waiting in line, getting our oil changed, riding the bus to work, etc. can be turned into productive uptime through smartphones and the plethora of service applications available.

Here is my list of five smartphone applications that will help you turn downtime into productive uptime. The list includes Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone applications- We love all development platforms at IdentityMine.

1.       Google Finance (Android and iPhone):

This application provides most of the functionality of the Google Finance site. View and update your stock portfolio while you wait in line for coffee or ride the bus… or on the way to your local pub depending on how your stocks are doing.

2.       Mint (Android and iPhone):

Manage your personal finances in real time and on-the, check your accounts, track budgets, and edit info right in the applications. I use this application to set spending limits and saving goals for each month.

3.       Remember the Milk (Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, etc.):

One of the best to-do list application and task managers that syncs with the popular to-do list service, Remember the Milk. I actually use this so I can remember to buy milk, among other things.

4.       AppAdvice (iPhone):

One of the best ways to discover new apps and discover what apps are better than the ones you already have. Get advice on apps that make you the most productive!

5.       Office Mobile (Windows Phone):

Harness the power of Office on your Windows Phone. The application includes Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and SharePoint. To me, the most compelling part of Office Mobile is OneNote because I can jot down ideas and remind myself of an appointment. Neat features include voice clips, pictures, and sync it with Windows Live online.

What applications do you use to make the best of your downtime?

What should we add to the list?

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