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IdentityMine has been relentlessly working on Windows Phone applications and for a good reason – everyone wants them. What is so compelling about Microsoft’s Windows Phone? One word… MANGO. Although Windows Phone has some real estate to cover when it comes to market share, there is no doubt this development platform goes above and beyond most smartphones. Here is our take on Windows Phone Mango vs iPhone 4. We love them both, here's why.

Windows Phone Mango

Why We Love Mango

1.       Live Tiles and Deep Linking of Applications

2.       Silverlight + XNA together: creates amazing User Experiences

3.       IE9 Compatible with HTML5 Support

4.       Background Agents and Audio Streaming Agents: enable multitasking with applications

5.       Local Database (SQLCE)


iPhone 4

Why We Love iPhone 4

1.       Multitasking

2.       Fast App Switching

3.       Local Notifications

4.       App Folders

5.       New Mail App

“Our customers are really embracing new Mango features like multi-tile pinning, live tiles, Bing search integration, and faster switching between applications to create a more rich and customizable experience for the user”  says Joby Joy, Director of UX Technology.

Jobi Joy, our resident Windows Phone guru, has been a key factor to the success of our Windows Phone applications.  For customer Foodspotting, a visual guide to good food and where to find it, the new Bing Search Extras feature will allow the application to appear inside Bing search results.  “Now when you search for a food name with Bing, you can jump straight to the Foodspotting application to get details about specific restaurants that offer that dish.  The new multi-tile feature now allows the user to pin their favorite food or restaurant to the home page for quick access next time.  These are not only great features for the user, but are also a great way for companies to promote their applications through Bing” states Joy.

The grudge match continues. Windows Phone Mango vs iPhone 4... Which phone do you prefer?

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