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The folks at Trend Central never fail to keep us up to date on the coolest stuff in the tech industry. These expert trend spotters just blogged about the advent of GPS-based applications and how "these clever (and free) navigation apps are saving countless hours of aimless wandering for users in pursuit of everything from the bathroom at a sports arena to a grocer’s coffee aisle." We couldn't agree with you more Trend Central!

We integrated GPS into the Foodspotting application we recently completed for the Windows Phone. Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. This application provides a virtual road map to the best food in town and allows users to use the GPS on the Windows Phone to pinpoint the restaurants exact location. You can bookmark food that you want to try as well as search the Foodspotting database to look up restaurants or food by category.


Check out Trend Central to stay up to date on Tech, Style, Life, and Media trends. Trend Central has caught on to something good, and were on board!

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