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Today we are here to bring you all things mobile; Applications, Mobile News, New Phones, and everything in between. Below are 5 things IdentityMine dug up from the never-ending black hole we call the internet, or simply, the “Mine.”

Windows Phone Marketplace Climbs to 30,000 Apps – Marketplace accepting Mango submissions

Congrats to Microsoft and all the application developers out there that contributed to populating the Windows Phone Marketplace with useful, fun, and compelling apps. On Monday, Microsoft will allow applications utilizing the Mango update. This is rockin news! We have been at the forefront of Mango application innovation since the SDK was available.


Kik Messenger - Free unlimited text messaging application

Last weekend my mom went to Vancouver, CA with her friends and insisted on giving me hour-to-hour updates on what she was doing…not cool. Luckily (and unluckily) she downloaded the Kik messenger app before she left, which saved me tons of $$ in roaming text fees. Thanks Kik messenger! Go here to learn more.


Cellphone Companies Suing Each Other – The patent Slug-fest is just beginning

With the advent of smartphones flooding the market, mobile companies are chomping at the bit to enforce patent laws to keep competition stagnant. What does this mean for us? Let’s hope it doesn’t end with a lack of innovation.

 Here’s an infographic that displays who was suing who in 2010.



LG Quantum vs. HTC Arrive – Smartphone Shootout Rd. 1

In the battle between the HTC Arrive and the LG Quantum... It looks like the LG Quantum takes the edge. Here’s why.


Both have 5 MP cameras and 720p video, but the LG Quantum does it @ 24fps. LG Quantum edges out the HTC Arrive in this bout.


Both are 3G, have WiFi and Bluetooth. Where the LG Quantum takes the edge is the network (7.2 mbps), download (2.58 mbps), and upload (1.66 mbps) speeds. Compared to the HTC Arrive’s network (3.1 mbps), download (0.82 mbps), and upload (0.5 mbps) speeds.


It’s a tie in this department. Both have a 16GB internal storage and lack a memory card slot.

Processing Power

Both have 1.0 GHz processors, but the HTC Arrive rocks 576 MB RAM compared the LG Quantum’s 512 MB RAM. The Arrive squeezes by on this one.


Both are pretty respectable when it comes to battery life, but the LG Quantum takes the win with 7 hours compared to the HTC Arrive’s 6 hours.


Microsoft’s BUILD Conference

While it is still uncertain what exact topics Microsoft will talk about at their BUILD conference, their website points to topics like web connected and web powered apps using HTML5 and JavaScript as well as Internet Explorer 10. Access to the power of a PC on a mobile device is right around the corner, we'll check in later and report on what Microsoft has to say.

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